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Goes by the name of Nisha. 24 years young and a Taurus. Proud mommy to Vanessa and proud Army wife to Curtis. Born and raised in Killeen, Texas, currently living in Germany.
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Friends Only

Babynesh05 »» 0bsessed

Hey Guys So I have decided to make my Journal Friends Only, because i feel like it :D WARNING I like to write a lot and I post pictures.If you don't like reading a lot then you wont like reading my journal.  I talk about my Family and everyday things. I Don't comment to EVERY entry but I do comment and I do read EVERY entry my friends make.If you still want to be my friend fill out the form below.

Keep In Mind: Please Don't add me because You
like/saw my tutorials, this is not where I post them!

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Little Obsession
>>Vanessa my reason for doing everything I do, she is a sassy little 2 year old. I can not imagine my life without her, she never fails to put a smile on momma's face. Right now her obsessions are the color purple & Barney.
Big Obsession
>>Curtis the love of my life, he has held my heart for 4 years strong. We have been through a lot and have had our moments. But he makes me happier than anyone else in the world.
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